3 Sunny Days in Seattle

In the summer months, there are A LOT of daylight hours in Seattle, with the sun rising around 5 am and not setting until 9 pm. It seemsĀ like Seattleites take full advantage of these long days, rising beforeĀ the sun and making their way out to their favorite hiking trails just as the light hits. … More 3 Sunny Days in Seattle

Peru Adventure – Day 4 Hiking Vinicunca (Rainbow Mountain)

To reach the summit we had about 125 yards of the steepest incline we’d faced yet, it was daunting but the adrenaline and excitement of reaching the Rainbow pulled me up to the peak. I was struggling hard on this morning’s trek but it was such a sweet relief to finally make it to the summit, I had a new energy … More Peru Adventure – Day 4 Hiking Vinicunca (Rainbow Mountain)